Republican National Convention 2016

I’ve not watched it 🙂 Nor do I plan to. I’m amazed that the “conservative” party that touts lower spending, less government extravagance, and oh, con-ser-va-ti-sm is putting on such a grand and lofty display of wealth in order to supposedly attract more voters to its side.

It reminds of mega churches that do the same thing, spending millions and millions on buildings, staff, and programs in order to attract more converts to their side–their pedigree of Christianity. These ever-expanding institutions of power in both politics and religion do nothing to further causes of love and liberty but instead push away those genuine seekers of the philosophies that our country was founded upon.

Did you know that the federal government grants host cities of the RNC and DNC $50 Million dollars?! Actually, the federal government can’t grant anything–they can only confiscate (from you and I) and give to another. This is the supposed behavior that so many Tea Party supporters claimed to hate. I am dumbfounded as to how many of these folks are falling in line behind the party now that they have a wall-building candidate in Donald Trump.

I only hope that this is not a sign of things to come from a potential Trump presidency but I expect it is. One need only take a look at Trump Plaza (Tower of Babel anyone?) to see the glamour which this man surrounds himself with. This RNC has already way surpassed the 2012 Tampa convention in both scope, media attention, and cost. A friend, who owns Orlando Enclosures in Florida attended the 2012 RNC and is attending this year’s as well said he has never seen anything like what they are doing this year. Tampa was pretty low-key relatively speaking. It looks more like we are crowning a king than voting for a servant of the people this year.

We are in a sad state of affairs in the USA. I hope and pray that things change fast. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump are going to do anything to shrink our Leviathan government spending! Why do we continue to elect “businessmen” to public office? What is the primary role of a CEO? It’s to grow a business of course. If our aim really is to shrink government and reign in spending then ought we not hire a Dave Ramsey-esque debt hater instead? Haha, that’s a little tongue-in-cheek but you get my drift.

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