Don’t Succumb to Hate

5 police officers were shot and killed by a sniper this past weekend…an action that appears to have been racially motivated. Some in media are even going as far as claiming government conspiracy here–a staged response to police targeting black people unfairly.

I don’t pretend to know people’s (or gubment’s) motivations for hate. Does hate need a motivation other than itself? Is it really necessary to label a crime as a “hate crime”? Isn’t all violent crime a hate crime?

With the relentless videos being replayed by the media it is very easy to succumb to hatred ourselves…wanting revenge for those we feel are victims of injustice. I know the feeling. As a victim of child abuse myself, anytime I witness a parent being violent with their child, whether physically or verbally, I find my blood starting to boil, I place myself in that child’s position, and I want to step in and defend the defenseless.

Imagine being the King of Kings, creator and witness of all crime! How is Jesus able to stand it all and not want to succumb to hate himself and wipe out the entire population? Every time I feel myself wanting to avenge others I remind myself of this fact…we have a loving Father that knows all, witnesses all, and yet heĀ still chooses love.